Kiamas Only Mexican Stonegrill Restaurant

Fajita Flames

The Ritzy Gritz New Mexican Grill family restaurant has been a Kiama landmark on the New South Wales South Coast for more then 39 years.

Situated in the historic terrace houses of Kiama, the restaurant provides the local Kiama residents and the ever growing tourism market a taste of the new Mexican Grill experience suitable for the entire family.

Catering for couples, families and retirees the extensive menu provides a taste sensation for all.


What our customers say

Apple & Pear Chimichanga – TASTY! Good food. Original Menu.

The beer battered chips are the best we have ever tasted! Great food, atmosphere plus friendly service.

Kiama Stonegrill’s New Home

Ritzy Gritz - the new home for Kiama Stonegrill allowing you to have the best Steak or Seafood in Kiama ..... cooked to personal taste.

To get the best from Stonegrill turn your meat selection over once only then slice off thin slices to turn on its side to grill cook. Slice and cook as required to enjoy your freshly cooked selection.

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