Entrées & Appetisers

Ritzy Mixed Entrée

A selection of the restaurants most popular entree’s. $23

4 Buff wings with bluecheese dressing
4 Salt & pepper calamari
1 serve of Con Queso with cornchips

Ideal for 4 – large entree for 2 – Main meal for 1

Damper Loaf

A big baked crunchy loaf, fresh hot & soft in the middle served with flavoured butters. $12

Trio of Dips

Three of our choice of dips for you. Chili con carne, guacamole & con queso. $16
Also available as one larger single dip for $14

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Flash fried crispy salt n pepper calamari, mixed green salad with roasted garlic aioli. $14

Beer Battered Chips

Golden & crispy served with sweet chilli sauce & sour cream. $9
Also available as a group serve for $12

Buffalo Wings

Slow roasted seasoned wings tossed in our special spicy sauce, served with crisp celery & carrot sticks & blue cheese dip. (6 per serve). $16

Baja Prawns

Sauté prawn’s in white wine, lime chili coriander with coconut milk, fresh spinach, tomatoes with rice pilaf. $19.50

Appetiser Nachos

A bed of corn chips & melted cheese, topped with salsa, sour cream & your choice of mexi mince, shredded chicken or mixed bean. $15

Appetiser Chicken Quesadilla

Tortilla with shredded chicken, BBQ sauce & cheese cooked crisp, topped with sour cream & salsa. $15
Also available with seasonal roasted vegetables with pumpkin seed sauce.

Appetiser Fresh Fish Tacos

Fresh fish poached in white wine and lemon juice served in a soft tortilla with salad and chipolte mayonnaise. $14

Chorizo Tortilla Melt

Crispy tortilla chips topped with spicy chorizo sausage, melted cheese, salsa & sour cream. $12
Also available as a group serve for $18