What is Stonegrill?

Stonegrill is the modern day equivalent of cooking food on stones used by the Ancient Egyptians and Vikings.

It is a unique way of ccoking which allows you full control over how your food is cooked, all while sitting at your table in the relaxed socialising with friends and family.

Meals are served cooking at the table on super-heated natural volcanic stones. These specially selected stones, chosen for their high heat retention, are heated to 400°C in our purpose-built Stonegrill® oven.

The high temperature obtained with the Stonegrill® Method, sears the product faster and locks in the natural juices and nutrients, enhancing the full flavour and tenderness of all foods.

The unique “dry cooking” method, uses no added fats or oils and sears the food without burning. This method also eliminates product shrinkage, taste transfer from cooking compounds and carbonization of the cooking surface. It ensures a clean, and completely natural food flavour, not achievable with conventional cooking methods.

The result is a freshly grilled, healthy and nutritious meal with a sensational taste, unique to Stonegrill®

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